ZIF001 – Mohumagadi

ZIF001Name: Mohumagadi (short: Magadi; “Queen” in Tswana language)

Position in the group: ZIF001 is the dominant female.

Date of birth: 14-September-2008

History: Born in Cologne Zoo (Germany), ZIF001 was moved to Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse (France) in July 2010, with two of her sisters (click here for a video about their arrival). Once her sister had established dominance and got pregnant, ZIF001 became the target of her aggression. The zoo agreed to give ZIF001 to the Zurich enclosure to start her own group. She arrived on February 10th, 2011. She has given birth five times, so far, but has now a hormone implant to prevent her from getting pregnant.

Notes: ZIF001 is of the northern subspecies and looks slimmer and more like the Kalahari meerkats than the males or most zoo meerkats (who are usually of the southern subspecies). She was called Bela at the Mulhouse Zoo.

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