Life History Irchel

The project keeps a life history of the Irchel meerkat group. Find the most important events below in chronological order (most recent on top).

  • 14-Nov-15: ZIF012 experiences seizures and is taken to vet university hospital; she is euthanized on the next day
  • 05-Oct-15: Death of ZIM008, biopsis reveals lung worms, whole group is successfully treated
  • 03-May-15: Death of ZIM002, dominant male. He presumably died of old age.
  • 10-Dec-14: ZIM006 escapes from enclosure but returns successfully
  • 16-Jul-14: ZIF016 trapped in a burrow but rescued immediately
  • May-14: Older subordinate females get hormone implants as well
  • 22-Mar-14: Young female ZIF016 gives birth to her 1st litter, ZI1401, with three pups, while the dominant female does have hormone implant to prevent her from getting pregnant
  • February 14: ZIM005 is moved to the meerkat group at Knies Kinderzoo Rapperswil
  • February 14: ZIM005 escapes from enclosure due to mobbing but returns successfully
  • 09-Dec-13: ZIF017 buried in a collapsing burrow, dug out successfully and brought to vet, alright on next day
  • 07-Dec-13: Death of ZIF007 after a period of neurological problems
  • 20-Sep-13: ZIM015 goes missing, potentially burried underneath sand, researchers dug out enclosure without success; in August 2015 the meerkats dig out skull to surface
  • June-13: ZIM003, the most subordinate of the founding males, is moved to the meerkat group at Knies Kinderzoo Rapperswil.
  • 28-Jul-12: ZIF001 gives birth to her 5th Litter, ZI1203, with four pups.
  • 11-May-12: ZIF001 gives birth to her 4th Litter, ZI1202, with three pups.
  • 25-Feb-12: ZIF001 gives birth to her 3rd Litter, ZI1201, with three pups.
  • 29-Jul-11: ZIF001 gives birth to her 2nd Litter, ZI1102, with four pups.
  • 4-May-11: ZIF001 gives birth to her first litter ZI1101. The single pup, ZIM005, emerges on 29-May-11.
  • 15-Feb-11: The barrier between the enclosures is lifted; the female immediately seeks the males’ company. ZIM004 is the first to mate with her, with the other males following suit.
  • 11-Feb-11: Three males ZIM002, ZIM003 and ZIM004 are released into the enclosure, with mesh separating them from the female ZIF001. ZIM004 immediately starts courting ZIF001, who also shows interest in him.
  • 10-Feb-11: ZIF001 is released into the small in-house enclosure. She immediately starts exploring her new surroundings.

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