The two directors of the KRC are Prof Marta Manser ( and Prof Tim Clutton-Brock ( The Research Centre manager is Walter Jubber based at the reserve. Furthermore, the Research Centre employs the following staff:

  • Badenhorst Loretta, housekeeper at Rus en Vrede
  • Betshanger Jean-Pierre, technician manager
  • Betshanger Ragel, housekeeper and film crew assistant
  • Kooper Christina, mole-rat lab worker
  • Kooper Hendrik, farm worker
  • Kr├╝ger-Jubber Karin, accounts manager
  • Long Channen, research associate and mole-rat project manager
  • Rautenbach Paula, veterinarian
  • Seager Dave, mole-rat research manager
  • Shadiko Jannie, assistant technician
  • Strydom Hermien, accountant and auditor
  • Thukwe David, mole-rat lab worker
  • Turner Zoe, KMP manager
  • van Wyk Elton, mole-rat lab worker
  • van Wyk Francina, cook and housekeeper at Rus en Vrede
  • van Wyk Petronella, mole-rat lab worker
  • Vink Tim, database manager

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