Chris Duncan (KMP Manager)

ChrisBSc Hons Biological Sciences (University of Birmingham)

Senior Project Manager KMP – Technical Manager (2015 – 2017)

I have always been interested in biological research; during and prior to my BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham I had various short term field and lab based research stints. These involved coral reef surveying in the Bahamas, studying alpine ecology in Norway and observing Chimpanzee social networks in a captive zoo setting. After finishing my degree I was looking to be involved in a longer term field project so came to Kalahari Meerkat Project to be a volunteer field worker for a year. After my year as a volunteer I then transitioned into the Technical Manager position for the project and am now responsible for implementing experiments, planning data collection and maintaining the storage of the long term data. I am looking to stay in this line of work in the future either through post-graduate study or continuing to be involved with field research on the ground.

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