What will I do every day?

In the morning, volunteers will travel to the meerkat burrow, weigh the meerkats when they emerge, collect  3h  of  behavioural  data  after  the  meerkats  start  to  forage,  and  weigh  the  meerkats  again before returning to the farm house. At the farmhouse, volunteers will upload and manage the data they collected, perform other small project-related tasks, eat lunch and rest before returning to the field for the afternoon session. In the afternoon, volunteers will radio-track the meerkat group, collect another 1 h of behavioural data and weigh the meerkats when they return to a burrow but before they go down for the night. Volunteers are given a day off every week, and on Sundays only weight data are collected in the morning and the evening (i.e. no behavioural data are collected). Volunteers are given a three week holiday.

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