Siomha Campbell (Meerkat & Life History volunteer – IRL)

  • Country of origin: Ireland
  • Starting date: March 2019

I graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc. (Honours) majoring in Zoology in 2016. While in UCD I conducted a project on two species of wild mouse lemur in rural Madagascar. Since finishing my degree, I have worked with birds of prey in a sanctuary/zoo. I joined the Kalahari Meerkat Project in March 2019, both to improve my field skills after working with captive animals and also because I love meerkats. At the KMP I have gained valuable experience both in and outside the field. During my time here I have taken on the Life History job where I manage all the life history details recorded by other field assistants, generate monthly reports and have a general overview of the entire meerkat population. The experience I have gained here has inspired me to return to academia and peruse a masters where I hope to utilise some of the data collected here to complete my masters project.

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