Chloë Farrington (KMP Manager – UK)

  • Country of origin: UK
  • Starting date volunteer: May 2018
  • Starting Date KMP Manager: August 2019
  • Ending Date: July 2021

In 2017 I graduated from The University of Liverpool with a BSc in Bioveterinary Science. I took a strong interest in animal behaviour and in particular I remember choosing the meerkats at Chester Zoo to observe as part of a mini project, little did I know that I would end up working with wild meerkats in the Kalahari just over a year later! I was keen to gain more field work experience where I could apply my degree, as well as taking on the challenge of living in a remote environment. I enjoyed my first year as a research volunteer so much that I continued on to join the management team. Meerkats are an excellent study species to answer so many questions and I am so happy to be able to study them alongside so many wonderful people.

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